About us

The ToThePoint Knowledge Centre is committed to providing the best youth support to children and young people in grief. The Knowledge Centre’s experts are practitioners, researchers, parents and children.
We work together with various international scientists and experts (including those in Germany, Belgium and America). The Knowledge Centre is chaired by Richard Hattink. He is also the initiator of the Knowledge Centre. Richard is the inventor of the funeral toy, has been working in and around funeral country since the last millennium, taught the subject Loss Studies and the Minor Professional Dealing with Grief and Loss Situations as an HBO lecturer, and has founded a funeral company that guides families from the terminal palliative phase, through the funeral, to rebuilding the family where a gap has been filled. In addition, Richard is a PhD candidate at the University of Humanistics. That means Richard is doing PhD research, on counselling children in parental bereavement.

Core tasks of the knowledge centre


Combining knowledge on grief in children and making it practical for better youth support


Encourage and facilitate research and innovation in mourning


Invest in sustainable collaborations and networking relationships and enable co-creations.

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